Online Program Structure

Grades 8-12

St. Gabriel Online School is a unique online school offering a full complement of Grade 8 – 12 courses. Part-time and full-time students travel from all over the world to our school through the Internet. Grade 8-9 is offered online full-time. Grade 10-12 can be taken part-time and full-time.

Part-Time Program

High school students can take courses on a part-time basis. This may include upgrading. Due to our flexible delivery, the courses can be completed during the traditional school day or in the evening. This allows students to experience online and traditional learning environments concurrently.

*New Accelerated Math & Science for Junior High*

Please see attached for the General Information Bulletin 2016-2017.

Independent Student

St. Gabriel Online School recognizes that some students have demanding schedules and/or obligations that may keep them from attending school in a traditional setting. We acknowledge that independent learners need special educational support to successfully complete their courses.


Courses are also available for those upgrading to receive their Alberta Education diploma and/or to fulfill entrance requirements for post-secondary programs.

Athletic Excellence and Performing Arts Program

St. Gabriel Online School recognizes that competitive athletes and artists need educational support to successfully complete their education. Students can successfully compete at provincial and or national levels while completing their studies.

Accommodations that are available to athletes include flexibility in:

  • Timetables
  • Assignment due dates
  • Contact with teachers
  • Access to school regardless of time or location